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The vision of
The Wright Center of Massage Therapy in Jacksonville, FL  is to promote a "hands-on" approach to affordable healthcare.  The heart of massage therapy is the quality of caring.  One of the ways we show the we care is by our ethical practice.

A very special form of 
bodywork / Massage Therapy  is gaining widespread acceptance among physicians, therapists, insurance companies and, most of all, people suffering from acute and chronic pain.

Rather than looking at symptoms as entities in an of themselves, which must be manipulated, mediated or "fixed," the therapists at the Wright Center of Massage Therapy look for the cause of dysfunction rather than just treating symptoms.

Wright Center of Massage Therapy in Jacksonville,  FL emphasizes "wellness" not "illness."  Wellness implies balance, integrity, peace, cooperation, love and joy.  All the positive qualities which are now scientifically linked to health.  Whereas Illness implies fragmentation, imbalance, disintegration, anger, frustration, hate and greed.  Up to 90% of all illness is related to stress and lifestyle according to Janet Smith, President of the National Wellness Coalition.

The Wright Center Massage Therapy feels that an integrated healthcare system emphasizing early intervention utilizing 
Neuromuscular Massage Therapy will prevent high costs of medical bills and insurance premiums in the future. 

Specialize in
Segmental Structural Bodywork and Deep Tissue Massage  Segmental structural bodywork is a form of massage therapy that identifies muscular imbalances and postural distortions. Postural distortions are an often overlooked source of a person's pain. If left untreated, muscular imbalances can lead to joint inflammation and degenerative discs.  Scoliosis, back pain, a stiff neck, rotator cuff injuries, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, and even TMJ disorder are often linked to the imbalances of the muscular system.

A practitioner who is knowledgeable, caring, and can identify certain musculoskeletal dysfunctions by viewing and hands-on palpation will become an increasingly accepted professional amongst the mainstream of conventional medicines and therapies.

Our concept of 
segmental structural bodywork/Massage Therapy is embracing an array of styles and methods that incorporate awareness and a person's ability to release their own tension patterns so they may live life being more physiologically, structurally, and biomechanically efficient and balanced in their postures and their movements.

Proper physiologically correct posture will put a person's body at ease, with less tension and less hardship on the neurological system. Their body will oppose gravity much more efficiently and fluidly rather than a person suffering from myofascial pain and restrictions arising from poor posture and injury.

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"Our goal is to educate people on what  they can  do for themselves rather than become dependent upon unnecessary, long  drawn-out therapies." 

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